Covid-19 has made everything a little more complicated, even having a drink with your colleagues. The pubs are closed, you can only receive two people at home (and you still need to practice social distancing) and you can’t quickly run to your local liquor store to grab an extra bottle of wine.

BitesWeLove wouldn’t be BitesWeLove if we didn’t think of a solution right away. You can still have drinks with your colleagues, friends, family or your local football club, you just need to do it online. Schedule a Zoom call, a Google Meet or go old-school and re-install Skype. We’ll take care of the rest.

You can easily order Christmas Drink packages with our Crunchy Peas via our webshop: because you can’t organise online drinks without a good snack. You can choose between a bottle of Cava, beers from Lowlander or a nice soft drink from Soof. Are you looking to arrange a company drink? Then order via our business site. Every employee will receive a Christmas Drink package at home, so you can have a corona-proof Christmas drink without missing out on the fun.


Follow this step-by-step plan for a successful drink:

Step 1: Send an invitation to your colleagues / friends / family / neighbours

Step 2: Order a BitesWeLove snack box for your Christmas drinks!

Step 3: Receive a BitesWeLove snack box at home

Step 4: Switch on your computer and start drinking

Step 5: Enjoy your BitesWeLove snack box!