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Break Free from snacks with our sample box! With this package, you’ll get to experience 6 of our favourite flavours in convenient individual portions, easily fitting through the mailbox.

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Incredible Taste

Our bites have the perfect crunch and are packed with flavor, always satisfying your snack cravings.

Better for you

We make sure our bites contain less fat, salt, sugar, and more proteins and fibers. In other words, a better Nutri-score than other snacks.


Power to the plants! From nuts and fruit to peas and beans, all our goodness comes from the ground.

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*BitesWeLove products are a source of protein and/or high in fibre, stimulating muscle mass growth and/or enhancing intestinal function.

Break Free from snacks

The world of snacks is highly saturated – crumbling even. It’s stuffed with unnecessary ingredients so you’ll eat more and more and more and more. But no more. It’s time to break free from snacks and make way for an alternative that actually makes you feel good, whenever and wherever you want to eat it.

Something that not only gives you a short-term indulgence but also makes you feel genuinely good. That’s why we’ve decided; we’re going to do it our own way. With our own name: Bites. We’re letting go of all the negativity surrounding the word “snacks” to create “Bites We Love.” And we’re sure you’ll love them too.

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We are proud to say we have partnered up with the largest retailers and foodservice partners to shake up the snacking industry with better bites.Are you interested in joining our mission as a partner? Mail us at