break free from snacks

The world of snacks is highly saturated – crumbling even. It’s stuffed with unnecessary ingredients so you’ll eat more and more and more and more. But no more. It’s time to break free from snacks and make way for an alternative that actually makes you feel good, whenever and wherever you want to eat it. So we started doing things on our own terms. With our own term: Bites. By ditching the word ‘snacks’ we break free from all the unwanted associations people have with the word, to create bites we love. And we know, you’ll love them too.

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Break Free proefbox

Break free from snacks with our tasting box! This package introduces you to 6 of our favorite flavors, all in individual portion packs. Plus, this little package is conveniently delivered right to your mailbox.

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Break Free
Bites Bundle

Break free from snacks with our tasting box! With this package, you’ll sample (almost) our entire range and then choose your favorite flavor yourself!

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