Super-zen me

Feeling a little overwhelmed? Relax and remember: tomorrow’s another day. Give your sunny disposition a little boost with this delicious mix inspired by the land of the rising sun, Japan! The Japanese love sophisticated dishes, exquisite flavours, and the dark delicious goodness that is tamari and soy sauce. We incorporated all of this into one tasty bite. As they say, the way to one’s heart is through one’s stomach. We believe good food can lead to true happiness.

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Umami boost

Japan. The land of sushi, zen, organizing gurus, and umami: the Japanese word for ‘savouriness’. That also happens to be the perfect word to describe this bite: a savoury combination of tamari almonds, soy-roasted broad beans, and roasted cashew nuts.


Ingredients: 35% soy broad beans (broad beans, soy sauce [water,soy, wheat,salt] wheat flour, modifiedcorn starch, sugar, palm oil), 35% almonds (almonds,tamari [water,soy, salt]) 30% cashews. May contain traces of other nuts,peanuts and sesame. 

Nutritional Value

Nutritional value per 100 g: energy 2266 kJ/545 kcal, fats 37,6 g, of which saturated 5,8 g, carbohydrates 28,4 g of which sugars 5,7 g, fibre 7,6 g, protein 19,5 g, salt 0,6 g



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