A bib with a healthy surprise for mom and dad. It fits through the mailbox and will be sent to you free of charge. You can make your package even more fun by adding a personal message. What do you give your new parents? Of course also something for the baby, but don’t forget his or her parents! They can also use some goodies and healthy food after all those broken nights. We’d love to help you find your perfect gift, that’s why we’ve developed a beautiful BitesWeLove baby box with the Crunchy Peas, which not only looks great, but also fits easily through the mailbox. That’s something else. If you order today, you will have the BitesWeLove babybox in 2 working days. Easy Peasy! We filled it with our Crunchy Peas: – 1 x Crunchy Peas Smoked Paprika (30g) – 1 x Crunchy Peas Sea Salt & Black Pepper (30g) Bib “You make me HAPPEA’’ Card with personal note Free delivery!

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