Nuttiness that comes around

Karma’s only a bitch if you are! If you greet the world with a smile, the world will smile back at you. That’s why we’ve packed as much love as possible into our bites. Sometimes, that leads to delectable little gems like this one: sweet, spicy, savoury, and sure to put a smile on your face. We do our best to make you happy, which in turn makes us happy. It’s a great system, karma.

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You know you deserve it

Some things just feel right. Our Chili Con Karma is savoury and sweet, with the subtle kick of chili corn. We packed this snack full of roasted peanuts, chickpeas, and jumbo raisins for a sweet twist.


43% peanut, 23% corn (corn, vegetable oils (sunflower, palm), salt, paprika, tomato), 16% raisins, 13% chickpeas (chickpeas, sunflower oil, salt)

Nutritional values

Nutritional valuesper 100 g: energy 2050 kJ/491 kcal, fats 26,3 g, of which saturated 4,4 g, carbohydrates 44,6 g of which sugars 22,3 g, fibre 7,5 g, protein 15,3 g, salt 0,7 g



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